Officially Facebook feature allows the dark mode to all users of the messenger

رسميًا فيسبوك تُتيح ميزة الوضع المُظلم لجميع مستخدمي ماسنجر

If you remember, it appeared the stunt in the last month that I can some users of the Facebook Messenger feature is enabled dark mode, by sending the symbol of the crescent moon one, then appeared Facebook and discovered this trick, with the launch of its promises by putting them in the App Settings the same for everyone.

Now and officially, announced the Facebook and through the official blog announced the launch of a property dark mode for all users around the world, both the user of the Android system or iOS, to be the activation method to move to the settings of the messenger, switch immediately to fit the situation dark on all application interfaces.

رسميًا فيسبوك تُتيح ميزة الوضع المُظلم لجميع مستخدمي ماسنجر

Gonna turn this water that turned the chat screen from white to black, reduce the display lighting for eye protection in the environment of the low light, as well as Save the battery of the phone, especially the phones next screen type OLED or what is known as “AMOLED”, and others that the situation for aesthetic reasons.

Finally waiting for this feature for more apps, recently obtained by the application OneNote, and still in the testing phases of the recent development of Google Drive, and also to see a dark mode at the system level both the Android 10, or iOS 13.

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