Officially – Apple know about phones iPhone new 2018 on September 12 the next!

Announced the Apple officially announced the date of its annual conference to announce the phones iPhone new 2018 according to a formal invitation for the Conference to be held on the evening of Wednesday 12 September.

رسمياً - آبل تعلن عن هواتف الآيفون الجديدة لعام 2018 يوم 12 سبتمبر المقبل!

Officially – Apple know about phones iPhone new 2018 on September 12 the next!

The conference will be held at the headquarters of the new Apple TV and specifically in the theater of the Steve Jobs conference room. Call it a round shape, Golden in referred to the design of the unique Theatre and the phrase “gathered to Gather Round”.

Apple is expected to reveal three phones iPhone new: two screen OLED, led by 6.5-inch, 5.8 inch, Dual Camera, issuing a third cheaper LCD screen measuring 6.1 inch and camera mono. You will be working the design of the extrusion top of the company “note” with face recognition technology Face ID in three versions. Also will be announcing the date of the issuance of the iOS system 12 permanently for the users.

Other reports said says Apple to announce the iPad Pro new during the Conference, a few dialogue and Face ID also. As also announced new versions of Apple’s smartphone in addition to other accessories such as base wireless AirPower.

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