Officially announced these two computer disks Galaxy Book Flex and the Galaxy Book Ion with screen QLED


We’ve seen Samsung move from OLED screens to the screens QLED in smart TV in the last few years, and now decided the South Korean company do the same step by embracing screen QLED in computers also portable so has today unveiled these two computer disks Galaxy Book Flex and the Galaxy Book Ion, both of which come with a screen with QLED.

Galaxy Book Flex

This computer includes screen size of 13 inches and weighing 1.15 kg, and the tenth generation of processors Intel Core, processor and graphics integrated, and up to 16GB of memory random LPDDR4X, and up to 1 TB of memory storage PCIe NVMe SSD. Moreover, they have been providing this computer also comes equipped with a fingerprint.

As the name suggests, this computer comes to the design of a hybrid thanks to the joint midwife rotation at an angle of 360 ° with the knowledge that this computer featuring a touch-sensitive screen supports digital pen S Pen, it also has a port of type Thunderbolt 3 port, MicroSD, as well as the card is strongly 69.7 Wh.

There is another version the size of 15 inch wheels include the same battery, but it weighs 1.52 kg or 1.57 kg in the case if you decide to get the graphics card Nvidia GeForce MX250 which comes with 2GB of RAM GDDR5.

Galaxy Book Ion


As for the Galaxy Book Ion, it comes in two versions, one the size of 13 inch and a 15 inch. As for the ratio of 15 inches, and it weighs 1.26 kg.

Apart from the weight, it is possible to get this laptop with the tenth generation of Intel processors Comet Lake, while you can get a copy of the 15 inch with the graphics card Nvidia GeForce MX250, which include 2GB of RAM GDDR5.

Apart from that, it is possible to get this computer with up to 16GB of RAM DDR4, with up to 1 terabyte of memory storage PCIe NVMe SSD.

Unfortunately, information regarding the price and launch date, exactly is still not available we have at the moment, but we know at least that it will launch this laptop in the month of December.

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