Officially announced the phone Energizer Power Max P18K Pop with a huge battery with a capacity of 18000mAh


Long have we complained of short battery life in our smartphones, but it seems that the company has the Energizer smartphone features a battery able to last for days before needing a recharge. However, the only negative thing in this smartphone is that it has a funny design as is evident in the picture above.

The company recently detects this phone which carries the name of the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 currently held in Barcelona, Spain with the knowledge that this phone features a huge battery with a capacity of 18000mAh, and this explains the thickness of his big.

Yes, this phone features a battery with a capacity of 18000mAh, a battery that we think that it will allow you to use the phone for several days before it needs recharging. However, given that lithium ion batteries tend to explode, you’ll be carrying this phone with you. risky, it sounds like you got a bomb explosively at any moment. However, the plus side to this phone is that it also works as a battery portable which means you can use part of its battery to charge other devices.

Regardless of the battery is huge, this phone also features a long screen size of 6.2 inches, and a processor eight-core of the category of the MediaTek Helio P70, and the random size of 6GB, the internal memory size of 128GB expandable via external memory MicroSD, as well as dual front camera accurately 16 megapixel sensor first and accurately 2 megapixels sensor of the second stem of the upper frame of the device, and a camera background of the three accurately 12 megapixels sensor first and accurately 5 megapixels sensor II, and accurately 2 megapixels sensor of the second and the last. Generally, it will be launch this phone in the month of June at a price of $ 600.


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