Officially: announced the Galaxy Tab A copy of 2019 with the support of the pen

It seems that the industry tablet devices are at risk of shrinking thanks to the shift towards phones bendy. But that didn’t stop Samsung from offering the Galaxy Tab A copy of 2019.

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The tablet device was spotted on the new website for Thailand, screen size 8 inch 1920 x 1200 processor Exynos 7904 and Ram 3 gigabytes of RAM and internal storage of 32 gigabytes.

Galaxy Tab A new camera background accurately 8 maps, front accurately 5 maps, and supports cameras special
AR stickers, filters, and battery capacity of 4200 mAh company says it will allow use for up to 11 hours on Wi-Fi or the networks of the fourth generation.

The device is available with Android system P, in grey and black, while not the device supports reader insight, nor is there any mention of the feature facial recognition, despite the fact that the machine is low specifications, but Samsung has added to the pen S-Pen features water resistance and dust.

Price details are not yet known, but the specifications clearly indicate that the device is low-cost.

Summary specifications:

  • Screen 8 inch.
  • Exynos processor 7904.
  • The Ram 3 is.
  • The memory of this is with support for external memory up to 512 gigabytes.
  • Rear camera 8 maps.
  • Front camera 5 maps.
  • Battery 4200 mAh.
  • Android system P.
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