Officially: announced phone the Moto Wen, Wen power

After a series of leaks that the Moto Wen and Wen’s Bauer. they are the international version of the Moto P30 and P30 Knott, according to the Declaration of Motorola just before they phone two different though there are similarities in design.

It was revealed that the Moto Wen and Wen’s power through the official website which didn’t disclose a lot, but summary information about the handset from the medium category, where the Moto Wen processor Snapdragon 625 and comes Wen power processor Snapdragon 636, both memory random 4 gigabytes storage capacity of 64 gigabytes of expandable.

Moto Wen

As it faded from view a summary of the specifications below, differs from the two phones in screen size and resolution front and rear camera, but the biggest difference is the size of the battery: 3000 mAh in the Moto Wen, 5000 mAh in the one power.

Will phones the Android system Wen amount on the basis of Android oreo, and Motorola updated Android eBay shortly after its launch.

Moto Wen power

I didn’t reveal Motorola on the date of the offer Moto Wen and mention the offer. “coming soon” while the reports included been that its price will start from 299 euros (1,310 SAR), while it will be available Wen Bauer the beginning of October, both of which will be available in several global markets not disclosed yet.

A summary of the specifications of the Moto Wen and Wen’s power

Moto Wen Moto Wen power
The screen IPS LCD display, measuring 5.9 inches,
The dimensions of the 18:9, the accuracy of 1080×2160 pixels
IPS LCD, measuring 6.2 inches,
The dimensions of the 18.7:9, the accuracy of 1080×2246 pixel
Processor Snapdragon 625 Snapdragon 636
Memory random 4 gigabytes of address space 3 gigabytes (with memory of 32 gigabytes)
4 gigabytes (with Memory 64 gigabytes
Internal memory 64 gigabytes 32 or 64 gigabytes
The external memory Up to 256 gigabytes Up to 256 gigabytes
Rear camera 13+2 maps 16+5 maps
The front camera 8 maps 12 maps
The system Android Wen (oreo) Android Wen (oreo)
Battery 3000 mAh 5000 mAh
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