Officially: announced phone LG X5 with a huge battery

Revealed LG officially unveiled the phone X5 version 2018 to be the successor version of the 2016.

The most important what distinguishes the X5’s battery is 4,500 mAh and run Android 8.0 oreo from the box. Has got the design on many changes, but was kept on the screen is 5.5-inch. But for the specifications of the fighting has been improved; such as the Processor support MediaTek Octa-increase storage capacity to 32 gigabytes of address space while keeping the memory capacity random when 2 gigabytes of address space as it was.

Did not change cameras at all, the front accurately 5 maps and background accurately 13 maps.

This is available LG X5 in South Korea currently, in blue Morocco, up to some selected markets later, at a cost of 330$ (1,240 SAR).

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