Officially: announced Oppo Renault design full screen

After the leaks went on for weeks. long, revealed today officially announced the Oppo Renault and Renault 10x Zoom.

OBO Renault 10x Zoom

A new flagship phone from Oppo, it is characterized by the preparation of camera three; the lens of the periscope girl F/3.0 to provide rounded Hybrid up to 10 times, provides them camera 48 maps the main girl F/1.7 lens wide once you see 120 degrees with 8 maps the aperture F/2.2. The front camera ups which are known as the shark’s fin comes strictly 16 maps the aperture F/2.0, and enjoy once you see 79.3 degrees.

Manages the performance of the Renault 10x Zoom processor Snapdragon 855 with 6 or 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage, and stylish design keeps screen for 6.6-inch use the 93.1% of the facade.

Comes Renault 10x Zoom Android 9 you interface ColorOS 6 of the fund, we note the reader insight built-in to the network, it also features a battery 4065 mAh that supports fast charging VOOC 3.0, will be available in green and black night-the price starts from$ 595 (2231 SR) for 128/6 gigabytes of address space and up to 670$ (2512 SR) for 256/6 gigabytes and 714$ (2677 SAR) for 256/8 gigabytes.

OBO Renault

The standard version of the Oppo Reno are middle class, so come with a processor Snapdragon 710, but the design is quality leader, with the Super AMOLED screen 6.4 inch accurately +FHD reader insight built-in.

Enjoy the Oppo Renault same camera selfie 10x Zoom accurately 16 maps, and the same main camera accurately 48 maps with the sensor depth with a precision of 5 maps, which means that it would benefit the lens of the periscope that provides zoom power.

Will definitely come OBO Renault Android 9 with the interface of ColorOS 6, Enjoy battery 3765 mAh that supports fast charging VOOC 3.0, to be available in more colours including black, purple, pink and green.

Will provide the Oppo Renault China first, beginning from the 19th of April next, that the starting price of 446$ (1672 SAR) for 128/6 gigabytes and up to 491$ (1841 SAR) for 256/6 gigabytes and 536$ (2010 SAR) for 256/8 gigabytes.

A summary of the specifications of the Oppo Reno and 10x Zoom

OBO Renault OBO Renault 10x Zoom
The screen For 6.4 inch accurately +FHD For a 6.6 inch accurately +FHD
Processor Snapdragon 710 Snapdragon 855
Radio + memories 128+6/ 256+6/ 256+8 gigabytes
Rear camera 48+ 5 maps 48 + 8 + 13 maps
The front camera 16 maps
Battery 3765 Ma 4065 Ma
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