Officially announced about the bracelet, fitness for Samsung Galaxy Fit e, which is available for pre-order for 40€

Samsung Galaxy Fit e

The official unveiling for the bracelet, fitness for Samsung Galaxy Fit e quietly, this bracelet smart new cost of 40 euros, this means less than half the price of the bracelet, Samsung Galaxy Fit $ 100 euros. In short, this bracelet sensor heartbeat, and resistant to water in depth of up to 50 meters, as they provide 6 to 7 days of use before you need to recharge under intense use and up to 13 days under normal use.

Containing bracelet for Samsung Galaxy Fit the new e-also on the OLED display monochrome size of 0.74 inches, and she knows the time and the number of steps by default, but can also show notifications, and calendar events from your phone. In addition, this bracelet, the new Smart can also figure out the activities automatically, including walking, jogging, dynamic training, which synchronizes data with the Samsung Health on your phone. There is also a feature to track sleep. And although it is water resistant, there are no features related to the race.

Bracelet Fitness-new Samsung Galaxy Fit e now available for purchase in many European museums, including the official website of Samsung in those countries. You can get these bracelets in different colors including black, white and yellow.

To compare fast, the bracelet, Samsung Galaxy Fit current price top-of-screen OLED colorful size 0.95 inch display with twice the resolution nearly. Battery life is similar, but the bracelet, Samsung Galaxy Fit e new think smaller and lighter as well.


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