Officially announced about a security camera Xiaomi Yi Home Camera 3 with notifications, smarter


In case if you don’t know it, but Xiaomi not only the production of smart phones, they manufactures many other products, including tablets, televisions, smart home appliances and smart electric bikes systems, smart lighting, and even surveillance cameras. And speaking of that, the Xiaomi company has recently detects camera new security called Xiaomi Yi Home Camera 3.

However, what sets this security camera is new from previous versions is the use of Intelligence Artificial for notifications smart, the goal behind it is that they will only inform the user the things that it deems important, rather than being notified of everything that can happen. For example, you would do if you were notified when you receive an important email, rather than to be notified each time you receive the email, whether it is important or spam.

Will the security camera new Xiaomi Yi Home Camera 3 in a similar way to the previous versions so that you’ll be able to IS other than picking up everything that’s going on at home or wherever you put it. Will be able to shot accurately FullHD and save them in the cloud versus a monthly subscription. It will be able to also figure out things and sounds, but as we have said, has been to improve the intelligence of this camera to alert you to things only important and overlooked ordinary things.

As a result, you may not be alerted when you are finding out some objects and sounds, such as insects, health, and pets that roam in the house, and the rays of light, etc. Generally, I’ve been pricing the security camera of the new company Xiaomi estimated at 40 USD, which also comes with a free subscription to the pilot for 6 months in the cloud storage service.

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