Officially – Google the buyout deal on the HTC !

Google officially announced about the completion of the acquisition transaction of the sector of smart phones in the Taiwanese company famous HTC which amounted to $ 1.1 million, and the building it will join the development team of your HTC to Google.

رسمياً - جوجل تتم صفقة الاستحواذ على HTC !

Officially – Google the buyout deal on the HTC !

Google will benefit from the experience of HTC is clear in the smart phone industry to develop a series phones Pixel their own without relying on any other companies. And you know that a team of research and development within the HTC is the first to introduced to the world the first smart phone depends on the touch mainly, and also the first phone fully Metal, the creative team like this has to be a strong addition to Google with regard to industry technical and phones specifically.

And according to the statements of Vice-President Google of the sector devices, the acquisition Google on the phones HTC will open the door to Google shopping and non-proliferation in Asian markets as well as integrating the experience of HTC in the industry with the expertise of Google in the artificial intelligence and the Software Industry.

It is worth mentioning that this deal has been announced in principle late last September and it took four months until its completion. And may be the first fruits of this deal phones Pixel 3 coming this year and that will most probably be developed inside Taiwan, the mother country to buy HTC where plans of Google to make it larger centres engineering within Asia.

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