Official: the date of the presentation of the blockchain HTC Exodus

The hype over cryptocurrency sleep, but doubt that they will become the Foundation of the world financial system, I do not have. Cryptocurrency is unique due to the blockchain technology that lies at their base. This technology allows decentralized without intermediaries to transfer funds. Earlier the Chinese company had submitted its smartphones with the support of crypts, but HTC can show something really interesting. The company officially started the Instagram page, “htc.exodus”, which reported the date of the presentation of the device and showed the appearance of the device.

HTC Exodus will be presented on October 22 of this year:

You may notice that the rear panel of the device is transparent, by analogy with the HTC U12+.

HTC had previously launched a website htcexodus, where you can find more details about the upcoming device.

The smartphone will be able to work with multiple protocols, will support the DApps. DApps is a decentralized application for the work which will answer the blockchain network, not the server or any individual device. In addition, DApps no control over, and all information is transmitted in encrypted form.

Every smartphone HTC Exodus is Noda, it is also expected the presence of universal cold wallet, a secure user interface and the opening of the forum Exodus Forum.

Certainly for HTC the release of Exodus is important, but I want to say that much success the device does not receive due to the fact that the Taiwanese again ahead of time. Blockchain smartphones will gain popularity, but not in 2018 and not even in 2019. In 5-10 years we will remember HTC as the company that first released a similar device.

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