Official: Samsung announces the Galaxy A8 star

While experiencing the company of Shao China, the significant growth in the Indian market, Samsung began gradually to introduce more innovations in the design of its phones New, which is what we are witnessing today after the announcement of Samsung about the Galaxy A8 star in the new India, which holds several different details about the Samsung phones available the usual.

Samsung Galaxy A8 StarComes Galaxy A8 guise of a 6.3-inch Super for is complete without a note accurately 2220×1080, where the covering screen 80% of the phone interface with a ratio of length to width of 18:9, add a brief phone with metal frame and glass curved 2.5 D, with a processor Snapdragon 660 medium adds the characteristics of artificial intelligence to the camera, we also find the 6 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage space expandable through memory cards keeps 400 gigabytes of address space to a maximum.

Samsung Galaxy A8 StarIn terms of camera, we find that the Galaxy A8 star comes with a dual background with vertical form looks like a camera design iPhone X, and the camera Double lens accurately 16/24 maps girl f/1.7 both with the reader prints out, and the front camera accurately 24 caps girl Lens f/2.0, in addition of having a card at a price of 3,700 MS amps with the charger, the USB Type-C capacity of 15 watts for Fast shipping with Android system oreo 8.0 and Samsung 9.0, with the presence of all of the personal assistance beacon, NFC, and facial recognition.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Star

Samsung Galaxy A8 StarThis will be put Samsung Galaxy A8 star in India today via Amazon India exclusively with the price starts from 35,000 Indian rupees, equivalent to 1,870 real.

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