Official photos phones Huawei possible P30 and P30 Pro was leaked accidentally

Spread many shopping catalogs phones Huawei associated with the P30 and P30 Pro during the last period, and today the reveal of Huawei’s on the clearer image that you design versions are possible before the official announcement days, and through the photos published by mistake in page ad on the company’s website in the Netherlands.

Huawei P30 Pro

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Applicable versions of Huawei possible in my phone P30 Pro, وP30 in a conference to be held in Paris during the days, the Today, Huawei of the end for many of the leaks that are spread on the internet through leaked images of the official published by mistake on the company’s website.

The images appeared on the company’s official website in the Netherlands, through page ad was published by mistake on the site, which was removed later. sure, but that photo may have been leaked already on the internet.

Also do not submit photos more detail about the date of the advance booking price, unless they know the clear look to the design of Huawei phones this year and, where applicable, each of the two phones my daughter Women waterdrop in the screen, it also has both settings and multi-camera background.

And shopping catalogs are also on display and free gifts requests of the prior reservation for P30 before the 8 of April, where he is scheduled to get users on the speakers and a Sonos One Voice when requesting a P30, or speaker Charger Wireless prior request for P30 Pro, so we have to await the official announcement on the 26th of March to get clearer on the pricing of new releases and items available in the market.


I know of

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