Official photos leaked a new us phones Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 1

Nokia 7 Plus

Series phones Nokia subsidiary HMD Global Oy has expanded over the past few months so that it now consists of seven smartphones, but it seems that this series is about to stop more because it turns out recently that the Finnish Police Use to detect the phone as new, and it comes here all Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 1.

And the mention of these two phones, it has been today leaked set of official photos of both devices, and judging from these pictures it is clear to us that the phone Nokia 7 Plus will feature two cameras in the backend as it will be part of the initiative of Android One. In the interview, the phone Nokia 1 coming in a traditional design very reminiscent of the kind of smartphones that were being released six years ago or so with the knowledge that will come with the back cover removable, which means that it will be replaceable like many of the Lumia phones have been released in the past years.


Returning to the phone Nokia 7 Plus, it has hesitated in the past that he would put the Processor Snapdragon 660 and 4GB of RAM. And now, assured us these images that he will come also with a wide screen with a height of 18:9, as well as sensor fingerprints in the backend. As for the phone Nokia 1, It will have a normal screen dimensions of 16:9, as it will be less effective in the front end, although there will be a button operating and control buttons accidentally in the right side. In the backend there will be a camera with LED flash.

Generally, there is not currently any information about when it will be officially announced these phones, but there’s a chance that to happen at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2018 to be held in late this month in Barcelona, Spain.


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