Official photos High-Definition won’t be the design of the phone Vivo NEX 2 from all angles


We got in the last period on a set of leaked images of realism the phone Vivo NEX 2 law of company Vivo. Today, we’re here with a new batch of leaked images of this phone also, but this time the photos that we have are formal portraits, high-quality opportunity to take a look at the design of the phone Vivo NEX 2 from different angles.

These official images leaked the new review will not is the other phone Vivo NEX 2 color, two color blue and purple. And as you can see in the picture, there are Vivo NEX 2 will feature a screen with a frame very skinny in the front end, the screen frame prominent in the backend. And mentioned the backend, they will also three cameras. When it comes to Sensor fingerprint, it will be included in the device’s home screen similar to phone Vivo NEX original.


Returning to the previous reports, stated that the phone Vivo NEX 2 will broadcast voice calls across the screen, and Home screen with a diameter of 6.59 inches, while coming in second screen with a diameter of 5.5 inch. Moreover, it was speculated further that the phone Vivo NEX 2 will have 10GB of RAM, and eight-core processor class Snapdragon 845, as it will come preinstalled with Android 9 Pie. Returning to the cameras, three in the back, it was speculated that the primary camera in this cameras three come with lens girl 1.3.


Generally, you’re supposed to make sure of everything when the company Vivo to remove the curtain officially on the phone, and that’s what will likely happen in day 11 of the month of December, which means next Tuesday. So, don’t forget to return to us for full details.



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