Official image leaked reveal to us about the design of the phone Moto Z4, and will be only one camera in the back

Motorola Moto Z4

The Motorola slide the curtain officially about the phone Moto Z3 in the month of August last year, but due to it’s link with the processor Snapdragon 835 instead of the processor Snapdragon 845 The Wizard was leading the latest of Qualcomm at the time, it is estimated to be detected behind this phone earlier than usual. Reportedly, Motorola is already working on the phone Moto Z4 which will provide him with the treatment of Snapdragon 855 the latest from Qualcomm. It has been today leaked official image said to be the phone Moto Z4, which reveal to us about the design of the front and rear.

This picture shows that the phone is Moto Z4 will feature a screen stretch frame that’s thin on all four sides to cut off small shaped drop of water in the top middle section for the front camera. Furthermore, explain to us this picture as well that the phone is Moto Z4 will have only one camera in the back, tanks, custom accessories MotoMod. Returning to the rear camera, it has the frequency they will put the sensor of the Sony is strictly 48 megapixels.

Not features phone Moto Z4 sensor fingerprint in the backend, so we believe that it would be built into the screen. Among other things that we can confirmed by this picture is the availability of the control buttons as on the right along with the power button, and headphones 3.5 mm in the lower part of the device, the date April 3, on the lock screen which time is likely to be the official unveiling of the device.

There is a phone similar is referred to as the Moto Z4 Play was leaked in the month of January last, but who was behind the new registration says he does not have Motorola any plans to launch the version of Play Store from your phone Moto Z4, this means that the previous leaks were fake, or the cancellation of this phone is simply by the company.


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