Official: Huawei announces the nova 4’s screen, perforated camera impressive

Revealed Huawei today on the phone to Nova 4 after a lapse of several months from the dispersion relations for the whole of his front with a resolution of 25 maps inside the hole of the screen.

Despite the success of Samsung in the detection of Galaxy A8 to be the first phone with a hole to the network, comes nova 4 with a smaller hole, which can affect image quality, but we’ll find out this later.

Announced honor of Huawei during the last week partially on the phone view 20, which looks the same with Nova 4, where the hole screen and rear camera with a resolution of 48 maps.

But, while the nova 4 comes pregnant processor Kirin 970, will come View 20 with a processor Kirin 980 later.

Include specifications nova 4 and the other having a screen of 6.4 inch accurately 2310×1080 with 8 gigabytes RAM, internal memory of 128 gigabytes, the sensor footprint behind, add support fast charging capacity 18 watts via USB port-C battery, 3,750 Ma.

This start price of Nova 4 at 450$ (1,690 Sar) in the back with 20 maps only, while the women come to the top at the price of 490$ (1,840 SR), up to global markets after its launch in China shortly.

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