Official: Huawei announces the hour by the GT Band 3 Pro

Huawei announced just about an hour its smart GT next to the phones Mate 20, which abandoned Google Wear and replaced systems made by the company itself.


I have a Huawei GT classic design all won’t be weird to put them in your hand like the smart watch arena, where the body of the circular is relatively large, made by stainless steel, there’s a 2 Crown (Crown) area of the software, the parties to the ceramic with the decoration of the bold.

The clock in the interface screen of 1.39-inch AMOLED sensor pulse of the heart, while the rear has 4 points on The Shape of the cameras Mate 20, transmitting a stylish bracelet.


Allows Huawei GT health tracking with the provision of notifications about it you can estate, the GPS, the heart rate monitor, the data display always on the screen, make calls, send messages, and system clock supports OS Lite, as the name suggests the software to its light compatible with the gear, and therefore won’t drain the battery that will be able to withstand two full weeks on a single charge, subject to increase to 30 days the case off some of the posts.

Artificial intelligence

As I think of any other product Huawei recently, the H GT supports artificial intelligence, improves the accuracy of monitoring your heart rate, monitor sleep and minimize battery consumption and prolong the lifetime.

This Huawei GT will be able to synchronization with Android devices and iOS devices alike, where all you need to accomplish is download the health application via the App Store.

Huawei Band 3 Pro

For those who don’t care about the look of the previous high-end, and just want to fitness tracking, the Huawei also announced for Band 3 Pro which is a smart bracelet screen haptic 0.95-inch AMOLED display, and you’ll get all the advantages of artificial intelligence available in hours GT.


Huawei GT will be available in Europe by classic (leather bracelet) worth 249 euros (1,080 Sr), while coming in version sport (silicone bracelet) worth 199 euros (865 Sr), and to be made available in the Arab markets we do not have details about it up until now.

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