Official: Huawei announce the phone by the midwife to bending Mate X

Announced the Chinese company Huawei officially on her smart phone the midwife to bending Mate X at a conference held in Barcelona in Mobile World Congress MWC 2019.

The phone comes design similar to the designs published over the past weeks, where you can open it fully to get a large screen size of 8 inch, and bend it can use the smaller screen size of 6.6 inch in addition to the other screen wallpaper size 6.38

The phone supports 5G so lets download a movie the size of 1 gigabytes of address space by just 3 seconds with a system of strong encryption for data, and also supports networks fourth generation 4G.

In comparison with the Samsung rechargeable flexing, the phone Huawei screen larger parties and smaller and most importantly there is no note in the screen.

The phone supports reader insight built-in play button, users can separate the split the two screens to complete each task part of the screen a feature that allow multiple windows, while the camera can be used in full screen or the small screen after the crease.

Huawei phone the midwife bend comes with two with a capacity of 4500 mAh, supports dual SIM and port for external memory, add to that fast shipping by a 55 watt, the possibility of charging up to 85% during 30 minutes.

Summary specifications:

– Screen Olid 3 modes: full size 8 inch / SEC size of 6.6 inch / third the size of 6.38 inches.
– Processor Kirin 980.
– Smaller parties with support notes.
– Support networks of the second generation and the third, fourth and fifth.
– RAM 8 gigabytes.
– Memory storage of 512 gigabytes with memory support charges 256 gigabytes.
– Two batteries with a capacity of 4500 mAh with support for very fast shipping.
– Camera with 40 maps + 16 maps + 8 maps.
– Android System 9.
– Support my partner’s call.
– Support external memory.

The device will be available at a price of 2299 euros to 8 is RAM and 512 is to., Will be available in the middle of the year.

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