Official: BlackBerry announces IVF IVF X

BlackBerry has launched its partner Indian Optimus, my phone is idol iPhone X, with features up for the first time for the brand.

And reverse any BlackBerry phones earlier, abandoned IVF IVF X on the physical keyboard and redeem a 5.99-inch FHD dimensions 18:9 contains all of the interface covered by a layer cor a glass drinking 5.

Features both phones reader fingerprint services, allowing the ability to remove the lock by 0.3 thame, it offers also open the lock face by 0.4 seconds.

Both have rear camera double, as it features the idol sensor for my colors/black and white, while I have idol X Lens close to the sensor. The Android operating system 8.1 with software BlackBerry pre-installed containing the patterns and save the consumption of Battery, the application interface improved camera.

In addition, the two phones card their huge 4,000 mAh that supports fast charging, with wireless charging support in precedent for the brand.

The difference between the BlackBerry IVF IVF X

1) processor: is the idol of his energy through the centre is 450, while the idol X on centre 660 which offers the best performance phones available strongly convergence snape goiter 820.

2) Dual Camera: Features idol X Lens close, and the sensor main 12 maps girl f/1.8 supports 4K video recording making it the best shooting compared to before.

A summary of the specifications

Classification BlackBerry idol BlackBerry idol X
Operating system Android 8.1 oreo Android 8.1 oreo
The screen 5.99-inch 2160×1080 resolution FHD 5.99-inch 2160×1080 resolution FHD
Processor performance Centre 450 Octa-core 1.8 right Centre 660 then the 4 cores×2.2 cars/4×1.8 right
Processor graphics Adreno 506 Adreno 512
Memory random 4 gigabytes of address space 6 gigabytes
Storage capacity 64 gigabytes 64 gigabytes
Rear camera 13/13 maps 12/13 maps girl f/1.8 – f/2.6 – video 4K – LED flash
The front camera 16 maps girl f/2.0 16 maps girl f/2.0
Contact The fourth generation LTE – Bluetooth 4.2 – GPS – Wi-Fi 802.11 The fourth generation LTE – Bluetooth 4.2 – GPS – Wi-Fi 802.11
Battery 4,000 mAh – fast charging 3.0 – USB-C port – wireless charging 4,000 mAh – fast charging 3.0 – USB-C port – wireless charging
Reader insight Sensor rear Sensor rear

The price and materials of the

BlackBerry idol: random memory storage capacity of the 64/4 gigabytes – 24,990 INR (1,365 SAR).

BlackBerry idol X: random memory storage capacity of the 64/6 gigabytes – 34,990 INR (1,915 SAR).

This will evolve in the Indian market later this August, it should be idol X starting from next September to compete with Nokia 7 plus, not to mention BlackBerry any details about the availability of the two phones to global markets.


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