Official : Apple launches the new services on 25 March

رسمياً آبل تطلق خدمات جديدة يوم 25 مارس الجاريofficially Apple launches new services on 25 March

Official : Apple launches the new services on 25 March

Officially , 25 March, 10 am, at the scene of Steve Jobs in Cupertino, California, decided to Apple of the U.S. the announcement of new products.

This will be a special event as the first time you use the Apple website (Apple Park) event does not include a declaration about the phone Apple spoiled the faith .

And most of the speculation that Apple will launch a new service for television on-demand, similar to Netflix, plus service subscriptions driven by feeds, the news, Apple’s revenue with the publishers .

Open to announce a new generation of iPad and possibly the iPad Mini also appears in the generation V during the upcoming event.

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