Official: Apple announces news service +Apple News

Kicked off the conference, Apple officially at the scene of Steve Jobs, began to advertise the service of Apple news plus Apple News+ which is aimed to be the Netflix news.

Apple states that the selection of news is gonna be based on the credibility of the source and quality of the content, so instead of the title attractive in the current service, it is true that the content will be customized for each user separately, but it will not be spying on what you read or are tracking you.

The design of the Apple news plus to accommodate with Apple devices, where you will find it perfectly compatible with the dimensions of the iPhone XS or iPad Pro etc.

As Will the Apple TV tab magazine as part of a paid service Apple TV news, a service that comes in the footsteps of National Geographic, on the cover of 300 magazine entertainment, fashion, news, eat, travel, and all your mind.

Surprising that Apple News Plus will be 9.99$ (37.5 yr) per month with the possibility of sharing use with family members, which is a very reasonable price when you consider you’re so involved in every newspaper and magazine you know in the service would pay 8,000$ (Ro 30,000) per annum.

It is worth mentioning that Apple TV news plus will be available initially in the United States and Canada, to have the first month free, and will to the UK in the autumn and to Europe later, without announcing details of the Middle East.

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