Official: Apple announces gaming service paid Apple Arcade

More than a million players around the world enjoy more than 300,000 game on Apple TV systems, including paid or free, but even free may be affected by competition in which the operations of the defence within the game, which seeks to resolve service Apple Arcade.

Service Apple TV will not focus on the broadcast games such as competitors Google and Microsoft, but will continue to games driven by the exclusive exchange for a monthly subscription.

The beginning will continue to service more than 100 exclusive game and is present on the other platform within the tab to a new app store called the Arcade.

These games include play styles without the need for a connection to the internet, adds to it new each period, and will not guarantee the purchases or ads. Will have access to games from different Apple devices; iPhone, iPad and Mac devices and Apple TV.

While it did not disclose the list of games that will be available exclusively through its organs, has reported its cooperation with developers enjoy a good reputation likes: Sega, wholly intent, Konami, Pusa studios, Cartoon Networks.

She reminded Apple that its role will be bigger than contracting with developers to provide special content, where to be included in the process of developing games myself in the future.

Will be available to service Apple Arcade this autumn in 150 countries, that know the subscription price when you stop. Confirmed Apple TV that, like the rest of the services you’ll enjoy the service and complete privacy and ease of Use and the empowerment of joint family.

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