Offers discount large software company iMyFone famous manage iOS devices iPhone, iPad!

Company iMyFone the same month a large number of funded programmes in the management of iOS devices iPhone, iPad hand file transfer, retrieval, backup, retrieve deleted files, repair the system and other programs that are indispensable. Now you can get all of those programmes offers discount exclusive to visitors to News Apps.

What are the programs available in today’s presentation of the iMyFone it?

Today we have 9 programs for different purposes, it offers discount up to 70% using the coupon which you’ll get.

How to get discount codes to buy these programs?

You can get a reduction up to 70% on programs, as follows:

  • Enter to this page
  • Tops impressive image of your company by clicking on the
  • You’ll see a coupon in the same box, copy and benefit from when you purchase to get reduction.
  • Also you can login in to pull a card worth$ 100 from Amazon via share page to social networks.
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Another chance to get a gift!

Note: This offer lasts until August 19, this offer is very special and you shouldn’t miss it ! You can use the coupon through this page.

Programs covered by the reduction

Program iMyFone D-Back to recover deleted files from iPhone, iPad !

More equivalent the users of smart devices losing their files, and asks the question famous: lost the content of my device, and delete some files by mistake; How Can I recover it? Answer: can through the program iMyFone D-Back is very useful to retrieve deleted files, where whatever the state of your device; it’ll help the program to recover your files.

برنامج iMyFone D-Back

Program iMyFone D-Back

Where can the program do the following:

  • Recover accidentally deleted files.
  • Recover files and pull them from your iPhone or iPad locked with a password.
  • Recover files from iPhone or iPad is missing or corrupt (screen or system hang).
  • Recover files from iPhone or iPad has been re-formatted or you have Gilbert’s and other system problems.

Of course the program provides you with iMyFone D-Back has many advantages for the retrieval and safe for your iPhone and iPad, and is available today offer reduced rates a great, after that its price was 69.95$, is now available at the price of 29.95$.

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iMyfone Umate Pro – for iPhone, iPad, and accelerate their editing and storage

If your iPhone or iPad your suffering from very slow, and there is not enough space to load the operating system or download applications and new games, the solution lies in cleaning the device from the residues and unnecessary files, just connect your device to the computer and run the program after his inauguration and let him do the work just the push of a button !

iMyfone Umate Pro - لتنظيف الأيفون والآيباد وتسريعهما وتحرير سعة تخزينية

iMyfone Umate Pro – for iPhone, iPad, and accelerate their editing and storage

Features and iMyfone Umate Pro

  • Delete the files unnecessary files such as cache, cookies, file cache, the files damaged .
  • Sound pressure up to 75% of its size with the possibility of taking a backup copy of the original photos and save them in the computer .
  • Display the largest files stored on the device to transfer to computer or delete them .

This price was iMyfone Umate real Pro 49.95$, but in today’s presentation will be available at the price of 23.95$ for unlimited.

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Program iMyFone iTransor – transfer files to computer

Save a backup copy of your content is very important, you don’t know the reason you may lose your content, so doing save a backup copy from time to time is important, but not always this step is useful, sometimes you have to handle backups professionally, and that use of the content and how you can do this, and the answer across the program iMyFone iTransor.

Program iMyFone iTransor

The beginning of the program iMyFone iTransor three options to extract the data:

  1. Import data from your iPhone or iPad.
  2. The use of content from the women stay on the iTunes.
  3. Use the content from the backup on your account send.

Of course, as well as that program provides iMyFone iTransor the advantages of a professional, several are as follows:

  1. The interface easy and simple to use.
  2. Supports all devices iPhone iPad and all iOS versions.
  3. Ensures you to use Messaging:SMS, chats WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and others.
  4. Use photos and videos saved.
  5. Use contacts record contacts.
  6. Use the notes, calendar, favorite sites, reminders and audio recordings.
  7. The ability to print messages directly.
  8. Share your photos and videos

This is available program iMyFone iTransor at the price of 23.95$ limited offer, after that its price was 59.95$.

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Program iMyFone TunesMate – transfer audio files, pictures, and videos

This program comes to be an alternative easy and convenient, and professionally from the program iTunes, which allows you to a lot of great features to the media, transported to and from the iPhone, iPad and computer without any complications.

برنامج iMyFone TunesMate

Program iMyFone TunesMate

Features :

  • Transfer tracks and playlists, pictures and videos from iPhone or iPad to computer and vice versa .
  • Synchronization between your mobile device and computer, and the alien in one place through the program .
  • Review of photos and albums and videos stored on the device with the possibility of backed up on the computer .

And because today we have with us offers discount, the program iMyFone TunesMate is available at the price of 17.95$ after that it is available at a price of 59.95$.

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Program iMyFone LockWiper to unlock the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch after forgetting the password

Have you forgotten the password of your phone iPhone or iPad your own? Or bought one of the Apple devices portable and found it is password protected and you can’t use it without override it? Program iMyFone LockWiper will solve the problem quite simply!

برنامج iMyFone LockWiper لفتح قفل الآيفون و الآيباد بعد نسيان كلمة المرور

Program iMyFone LockWiper to unlock the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch after forgetting the password

Features and iMyFone LockWiper :

  • The possibility of opening the iPhone or the iPad after forgetting the password.
  • Open the device after you give the screen or break it or stop it after trying to enter the number several times the wrong way.
  • The program removes all protections: password, fingerprint and face matching across Face ID.
  • Compatible with the latest versions of operating systems and hardware of the Apple TV.

Program available iMyFone LockWiper at the price of 23.95$ limited offer, after that its price was 69.95$.

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Program iMyFone TunesFix to fix all the problems of iTunes

The program offers iMyFone TunesFix solutions advanced to fix any problems you may face in the iTunes application, if you encounter a problem and know the solution use the program will identify the problem accurately, with the push of a button will solve it in addition to not losing any data and integrates the program with all kinds of errors and innovative solutions.

آي تيونز ، iMyFone Tunes Fix

iMyFone TunesFix

What are the mistakes and problems that deal with program iMyFone TunesFix :

  • Fix “unable to iTunes contact phone faith.”
  • Did not install iTunes. correctly
  • Could not the iTunes version or the restore
  • The sluggish performance of late

Program available iMyFone TunesFix at the price of 8.95$ limited offer, after that its price was 29.95$.

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Program iMyFone iOS System Recovery to resolve months problems iOS system

Often you may regarding your device iPhone or iPad to the problems in the operating system, the most famous of these problems is the screen black or white, or entry in the put rice or DFU mode or even repeat restart without stopping, or even freeze the system without accepting any solution, don’t worry, the solution is available with the iMyFone iOS System Recovery.

iMyFone iOS System Recovery

iMyFone iOS System Recovery

Program iMyFone iOS System Recovery to solve the previous problems and others with ease with the following advantages:

  • To solve the problem, the system stops or stay on the screen white or black, or put the rice.
  • Fix problems iPhone, iPad without losing content.
  • Reformatting the iPhone or iPad fully, to resolve problems as well as lock the iPhone.
  • One click to solve all the problems.

Program available iMyFone iOS System Recovery at the price of 20.95$ limited offer, after that its price was 49.95$.

  Click here to download

Program iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery to recover messages, WhatsApp deleted

This program helps you in retrieving deleted messages from your account WhatsApp, in accordance with the following advantages:

  • Supports all devices iPhone iPad and all iOS versions.
  • Recover messages, WhatsApp deleted easily.
  • To retrieve attachments in your account WhatsApp,: photo, video, etc.
  • Content retrieval from the device is corrupt or broken.
  • The possibility of retrieval from your iPhone or iPad directly.
  • Retrieval of the backup in the computer.
  • The possibility of retrieval of the backups in the sale.
برنامج iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery لاسترجاع رسائل واتس آب المحذوفة

Program iMyFone iPhone WhatsApp Recovery to recover messages, WhatsApp deleted

The program is available at the price of 17.95$ limited offer, after that its price was 49.95$.

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