Offers and discount AliExpress start today and to fund purchases

This theme offers and discount AliExpress start today and to fund purchases appeared on Engadget.

I got us a box of store AliExpress which contains some products related to the devices, which we will review soon also.

Usually we resort to the store of AliExpress to order products not available in the Saudi market or the UAE, where the needs of the store on more than 70 thousand various products, says the store is also providing annual festival, which have many offers and discounts.

So if you want to take advantage of these offers, started the annual festival of the day of November 10 to the 12 of November at exactly four o’clock pm GMT Saudi Arabia or the former Fifth UAE time. In the case of having a bank card sport, then to create a new account to get a discount if total purchases you cent dollars, if you acquire a bank card UAE, you will get bonuses worth 11% of all of your purchases.

It is worth mentioning that these coupons are valid for a limited time, but can be used for a large number of products without any complexity.

You can check these links:

  • Link to the App Store.
  • In the case of owning your card Riyad Bank.
  • In the case of owning your card Emirates Bank.


Let’s open the box. Comes first product in the box is a door lock smart allows PINEWORLD which works by fingerprint to open the lock outside or on the road type the password touch. The nice thing about this smart lock is that it depends on the dry batteries AA uses four batteries specifically, as it also contains a USB port for charging in case of emergency. In case you run out of batteries you can charge the device itself via the microUSB, or open the door the traditional way.

It is worth mentioning that the device supports to open door by card RIFD, also support calls. Once you close the door is closed the lock automatically, and this is a lock equipped with a excellent protection very. In the event that a thief hacked into the door, it will lock issuing the alert is very loud.

For quality manufacturing, they are high quality also, where was manufactured the lock from the stainless steel, as it comes in two colors; black and silver.

Here’s a link to buy the lock PINEWORLD.

As for the second product on the box, it phone Vivo NEX S.

Phone Vivo NEX S is the highest percentage of phone Vivo NEX A with the same design concept but the sensor fingerprint from the front instead of the back.

It is interesting that the phone is fitted with a battery pump with a capacity of 4000 mAh with fast charging technology through charger 22 watts inside the phone box to the side of the layer for protection with a plastic cover for the rear. Certainly includes the phone Vivo NEX S camera mechanism forehand-ups.

Here’s the link to buy a phone Vivo NEX S.

Reminder: presentations start from today 10 November to 12 of November 4 sticks KSA ! One registration for a new account to use the coupon $ 100 also

Link to the store:


This theme offers and discount AliExpress start today and to fund purchases appeared on Engadget.

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