Of the most important new features in iOS 13 “the second part”

We mentioned in an earlier part of the new features in iOS 13 you can see it – the link – the fact that the iOS system 13 came once very large range of new features, updates and fixes over 200 feature and update the following are the most important over the next few days until the release of the official version so be aware of all new in this update, when the release of the official update we will see in detail the most important of these is possible, proceed with us.

Updates at the system level

We mentioned some in the first part here are the rest of those updates:

◉ There is then new backgrounds correspond to the dark. As it is, there is an option to teach the background to match that situation.

◉ Updated the window switch silent mode which was similar to the window raising and lowering the sound was come in the middle of the screen, becoming at the top of the screen.

◉ There is an option in the settings of Wi-Fi which connect the automatic transfer of the personal contact and you can customize it to auto-connect or question by contact or non-activation.

◉ Now you can use the wireless mouse “Bluetooth” officially with the iPhone and not just iPad iPadOS.

◉ Having a list of “accessibility” in the settings and in the section “general”. And updated and organized better.

◉ We have talked in previous articles about Apple’s intention to repeal the 3D Touch, they have begun the effects in the iOS 13, the 3D Touch has become very much like a Haptic Touch in most areas as well as working in other areas (may be not work by the malfunction is repaired later).

◉ You can hold down on the slider, then move up or down to scroll fast on the page.

◉ There is a new option in the settings of the Face ID and pass code and Touch ID and pass code to disable the wallet on the lock screen.

◉ Replaced the word “Settings” app three dots “…”

◉ Re-designed window posts and information on the thing that you share. As well as the modifications on the feature Airdrop in that window.

◉ Silence the contact of the connected to the unknown, in the phone section in the Settings app, there is a new option that lets you block all callers not known.

Amendments to the tests of the Control Center

◉ Option of Wi-Fi in the control center, so that you can change the Wi-Fi networks directly from the Control Center, click lengthy on the box Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and then prolonged pressure on the icon Wi-Fi to show the list of available networks.

◉ It with Bluetooth, the same way as Wi-Fi you can access the list of devices connected via Bluetooth.

◉ In the selection of the sound level in the Control Center is added to the Bluetooth icon if there is a connection to your Bluetooth headset. Edema there was nothing connected to the icon will be displayed docking-iPhone.

◉ The emergence of a new option in the selection of the brightness of the screen to go dark.

Improvements in the messaging application iMessage

◉ Like most messaging apps, you can set a profile picture along with the name of the user within the iMessage application. Not only is the image of the camera file but you can use a photo image or name for more development. And you can adjust it from the settings or from the app itself.

◉ Add Image New like who wear braces, make-up, wearing ornaments, and demobilization of the various other.

◉ Add anymore New like mouse HTTP and a cow.

◉ Search in messages gives suggestions instant with the classification results and highlight search terms. Also you can search on specific conversations and not the entire app.

Certainly what we have mentioned is not all the features contained in the iOS update 13 next. We bring you all the new features in total for this update. At the date of the official launch we will see the most important of these is possible in detail so you take full advantage of the iPhone. Please share the article so engaged to utilize.

What do you think about those additional features in iOS 13’s? And I was learning an important feature in the 13 other than what we mentioned let us know in the comments.



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