Of the best free apps to create animated GIFs on your phone

GIF animations all around us became to exist primarily in social media applications. If you’re a fan of that type of sound sense in this article to have some fun making something memorable by incorporating your photos and videos to make one. So why not make a moving picture GIF of your own and keep it as a memory of all and even share it with your friends?

Application GIF Maker

You can apply for the GIF Maker to create animated GIF with ease whether using audio or video clips or even capturing a photo or recording a video directly. And then you can customize the modification on that image and control the speed or make it slow and other settings.

Features of the app highlights:

◉ Turn your video or audio to GIF images

◉ Convert photo to funny image.

◉ Create videos to Loop or repeat automatically.

◉ Set up animations through direct export.

◉ Add text to animated image

◉ Adjust the speed of the animated image.

◉ Add filters to all the Photos animated.

◉ Add emoticons, stickers and artwork.

◉ Watch the animated image directly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and messaging application as well as you can send by mail or copy move.

◉ Settings such as automatic saving, image quality, and file type.

Free app with purchase options inside the app which provide new content on a weekly basis, and remove the ads comes.

To download the app

GIF Maker – Make Video to GIFs



Brain Craft Ltd

Size 83.5 MB
Version 2.3
متاح في متجر البرامج


For Android and of here.

The application PicsArt GIF & Sticker Maker

Is apps the most comprehensive in the App Store, where provides you with everything you need in one place to create a moving picture fascinating.

◉ You can use images, videos, or camera for direct or merge audio with video to create a moving picture perfect.

◉ Modify the animated image and add Masks animated stickers and add texts and comments using a variety of different fonts, and share them on different social platforms.

◉ You can use effects filters wonderful and varied.

◉ You can search and import GIFs from the site Giphy where you can page on your design. After finishing your work you can export your animated image to your PicsArt gallery where your can be discovered by a community app that boasts millions of designs.

To download the app

PicsArt GIF & Sticker Maker



PicsArt, Inc.

Size 71.3 MB
Version 1.9.2
متاح في متجر البرامج


Were of here “Note File Type APK will need the validity of the installation.

Application ImgPlay – GIF Maker

Is one of the most important applications possible to create animated GIFs. It is its features:

◉ Convert video to animated GIF. Merging audio and video to make a moving picture.

◉ As well as convert images live on iPhone, Live Photo. The possibility of micro-editing of the video, and audio editing animation and edit. The possibility of recording video directly and make modifications to them and transform it into a moving picture directly.

◉ Add text captions and comments to photos and videos, and choose from 17 different text, add lines variety.

◉ You can add stickers to a variety of different, and is subject to change.

◉ Adjust the brightness, contrast, color saturation and control color temperature. The use of more than 30 different filter.

◉ Control the speed of the video.

◉ Change the operating direction ( front – reverse – or forward and back)

◉ Change the background color

◉ Measure the economy.

◉ Share your creations directly on the different social media platforms.

To download the app

ImgPlay – GIF Maker



ImgBase, Inc.

Size 130.1 MB
Version 5.0.3
متاح في متجر البرامج


For Android and of here.

Application GIF Maker by Momento

Another free application for the Motion Picture Industry lets you use photos and live video.

◉ Add effects to augmented reality or music to your Motion Picture.

◉ You can adjust the speed, direction, and change the contrast, brightness, zoom and add filters to the variety and import of the site GIPHY.

◉ Save photos, GIF different formats HD or Ultra HD and share them on different social platforms.

◉ This is the only free app that supports the effects of augmented reality AR and melodious different. Therefore, we recommend that you do.

To download the app

GIF Maker by Momento



Popixels Ltd.

Size 166.3 MB
Version 5.4.2
متاح في متجر البرامج


Were from here

If you’re ready to set up some photos GIF brilliant or funny or unforgettable directly from your iPhone or Android, we hope to have one of these free apps is what you want.

If you have tried one of these apps or others for making GIFs earlier, let us know the outcome of your experience in the comments.



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