Of evil in the clash of Apple and Qualcomm

Almost two years ago and we see an ongoing conflict between Apple and KO your freedom lawsuit between the two companies. We talked about this conflict a few times, like explaining the beginning –this link– as well as the developments own and how we’re the real loser in this conflict –this link-. However, to resolve several issues and other issues of the final stages we had to rethink together in both conflict and wonder. From the real culprit in the clash of Apple and Qualcomm is?

من الشرير في صراع أبل كوالكم

An important clarification

This article will be divided into 3 sections the first is to explain the errors of Apple to make you support the point of view of Qualcomm and the second errors Qualcomm that make you stand in the row of Apple then clarified and the final word from the iPhone Islam on this conflict. So there must be a follow-up to each lender to be the whole view and sound from the conflict.

Apple is evil on my

Apple started the war jurisdiction against Qualcomm for reasons already repeated several times only in the following paragraph such as “licensing fees”. But yesterday leaked talks mailed between the head of Qualcomm with the vice president of Apple’s Jeff Williams and appeared clearly that “Jeff” is seeking to ignore the issues and review the importance of trade cooperation between the two companies and they want to provide Qualcomm with direction for their next “conversation in the 2017 no phones rule is 8/X” and here the reply of the president of the company Qualcomm also surprise that he is also ignoring the issue and expressed that there is concern and the problem they have is that there was a leak to “software” with Qualcomm’s challenge from Apple for the company. “means that Apple revised the technologies Qualcomm to rival Intel” Commented Jeff on this that he showed like he said he was ready to provide a firewall to Firewall “intended to promote safety and to this The found it is because of spy and breakthroughs, not from Apple”. He explained that with this firewall will not cause anything; there hung the head of Qualcomm that in this case the company his consent to provide Apple with contact. No he didn’t mention anything about the license fee and the source of the disagreement. Which explains that the underlying problem has Qualcomm is that you see Apple steal their technology and turn it into Intel and other companies in order to look after her leave Qualcomm and passed on to them.

If these messages have leaked months before the decoder we can say that these doubts of Qualcomm are just charges only. But for two months before we find out that Apple got a court ruling against it in China due to violation of special software in Kuala patents and used in the iOS system and Apple’s response was what? She said that these allegations exist in the techniques have been abandoned in iOS 12 released after the lifting of the Qualcomm case. Any that Apple has been learned and decided to edit in iOS 12 to climb the government believes the same. Indeed, Apple has updated the additional China just amended some things to implement the same and this additional update came a few days after the government which means that the company was working on it; does it make sense that Apple smiled suddenly some things adapted in the days?

Let us be your China and look to Germany where they were judged on the Apple preventing the sale of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 on charges of violation of patents of Cole your the court said that it is not Apple itself from violators, but the company manufactured hardware devices, I got special techniques to Kuala and used in the development of hardware sold by Apple. A strange coincidence to find the head of Qualcomm says that Apple leak their technology to companies and after a year you find a court ruling says that companies pile your used special techniques to manufacture the hardware of an iPhone.

Apple probably is the villain who steals the techniques of Qualcomm and its to its competitors and Ko you were defending their right

Qualcomm scalper greed

Another aspect revealed by the case is how the greed of Qualcomm. Both of your mounted cases against Apple in the European Union, during the examination of the European Union issues found that Qualcomm already varying strongly from its competitors and looks behind the reasons found that they were held violations of the monopoly in the past, the Qualcomm with large companies and on top of that Apple offers no techniques at highly discounted prices cannot prevent the competition of their submission in exchange for that monopoly is the supply for several years. Which make competing not find of shows don’t and therefore entitled to the losses he decides to spend it on development because there is no income; in exchange, Qualcomm flow consistent financial needs of the supply chain for years, and here spent the been on research and development has excelled. Making the European Union fined Qualcomm’s 1 billion euros ($1.2 million).

Again go back to the same previous conversation and we find that the head of Qualcomm after that told Jeff Williams he’s not going to happen leaking to said that it is OK to sell Qualcomm Apple slides explain that the Apple with her for at least two years and be the proportion of the purchase not less than 50% of the number of iPhone sold. Any Qualcomm wants to close the road in front of the competitors, even if someone from the development partner and the best ones won’t buy apple of which only 50% maximum.

Go back to the European continent and see what happened after the monopoly of Qualcomm; the years passed and the competitors headed by Intel and became Qualcomm are the best in the market, but homes are starting to increase in price until I they get $ 30 from each device selling in particular, they apply the rule of double profit you must buy the partner connection as well as pay a fee to use the slide. Not any person is entitled to use the chip that they bought without paying the usage fee. Imagine with me that Apple say you bought the iPhone and then pay an additional fee to allow you to use the phone.

Style slide and license fees to this place since the foot and Apple was already paying, but they were to get special prices, so the total is reasonable for him. But after the occupation of Qualcomm raising prices Apple refused such amounts, the case was dismissed.

It is worth mentioning that Qualcomm held similar agreements with all the big companies. But maybe Samsung got a different convention in the beginning Samsung started suing Qualcomm because of the fee associated with a choose the style to come Qualcomm with the case because Samsung is a sophisticated company in the area of the slices contact the Wizards so the Qualcomm butt big convention following which are reduced fees for the Samsung as well as is cooperation with Samsung in the field of 5G and in return expect Samsung to use the techniques of Qualcomm mainly the processors, so do not rush it is always what you believe phones the top category “S and note” Samsung sense its Exynos, but the international version comes with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon famous SD despite the fact that sometimes the processor of Samsung is faster. As well as the Samsung seek the approval of the Qualcomm re-submit the technical shipping QC 2.0 on behalf of the special new Samsung a Adaptive Charging

Qualcomm the exercise of the monopoly to kill competition and then started to ask huge sums of extortion of companies do not license segments

Comment iPhone Islam

I know that some spreads from that mention of wrong and right, or maybe to defend Apple as some expect, we always do. But the truth is, “no comment.” It’s not a disagreement between 2 friends and we of the right; this explicitly trading between companies has expanded each company’s exploitation; for approved contract agreement monopoly with Qualcomm underpowered by Intel and now pay the price. Ko you sing in the fees, conditions and restrictions which made companies look for a replacement at any price, even if it was illegal. See the provisions made either in China or Germany or Europe or East Asia and you will see that Apple is losing cases of “patent infringement” and Ko you lose in cases of “fraud”.

Companies not only improves the resolution by right and wrong but of interest and profit

You see the villain in Clash of Qualcomm and Apple’s? Or agree with us that it is always the language of interests the decisions? Share your opinion in the comments


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