Of biohacking with the implant travel fined for ticketless travel

Scientist-biohacking from Australia named meow-Ludo Disco Gamma meow-meow implanted himself in the hand travel, cut out the chip and placing it under the skin on his left arm. So he could pay the fare on the subway, but according to the law, the transport map is considered invalid if it is deformed, damaged, or sewn into a user’s hand, therefore, the carrier deactivated it and fined meow meow $ 200 for ticketless travel. Now the biohacking intends to defend its interests in court and prove his own innocence.

First meow wants to sue the money spent on the payment of the fine and required to plead innocent, as it added to the expense of travel, to be able to use metro services, so the biohacking sure that the DMV violated the law, depriving meow right to use public transport.

“If I win, I will create an important legal precedent. This is the first case where the court is necessary to protect the rights of cyborgs and I am flattered that I am part of it,” said meow meow.

If the biohacking will be able to win the case, recover the transport controls all its costs and damages awarded meow will spend the money to develop legislation legitimizing cyborgs. Due to the fact that it already promises to be unusual and interesting, he is looking for lawyers willing to take up the case free of charge.

In addition to travel in the body biocera implanted several chips, one of which contains important information and documents, but with them he had no problems.

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