Oddmar — best platformer in Google Play

“Odmoru did not manage to find themselves in life and to earn their place in Valhalla. He squandered all his potential and the other Vikings of his tribe despise him. Once they have the opportunity to Express themselves, but all have to pay.” That’s what the description of this awesome game. Oddmar is a platform game that compares, probably, only with final fantasy. At least since the release of Limbo is the first game that you really interested.

Here, well-everything — graphics, story, physics, enemies, mechanics. Hard to think of a game about Vikings, which would be better Oddmar’. Game trailer:

What sets it apart from all other platformers? The development of the game mechanics. As you progress through the player will entertain more and more, offering a ride on the bull or on the rough river. You can dramatically fail and to be among the previously unseen monsters. In Oddmar fun to play because she doesn’t fixate on a certain action. Levels is not just a different arrangement of objects on the map, each level is unique. Perhaps that is why Oddmar similar to Limbo, which also had its own history and development as you progress through.

In Oddmar cool sounds, much the atmosphere of Viking times, I would like to mention well-drawn cut-scenes and good optimize so drawn objects and high-quality textures. Would not hesitate to recommend the game to download. Find more quality product in Google Play will be extremely difficult.

Official website

Application: Oddmar
Developer: Mobge Ltd.
Category: Adventure
Version: 0.29
Price: Free
Download: Google Play
Application already interested in: 157 people

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