Oculus unveils virtual reality helmet Rift S

Oculus تكشف عن خوذة الواقع الافتراضي Rift S

The company announced the Oculus competent in the development of virtual reality devices, from the advent of the virtual reality helmet new Rift S in the spring of this year. The announcement comes in conjunction with the detection and display of the company products at the Game Developers Conference currently held in San Francisco.

Will the helmet Oculus Rift S at a price of $ 399, this amount is higher by about $ 50 from a system of virtual reality of the previous Oculus Rift. But perhaps the high price makes sense, especially with the presence of the OLEDs in these women compared with LCD screens in the previous version as well as the existence of arms control as was the case with version Quest.

This helmet improvements higher vision clearly up 1280×1440 pixels with a speed frequency up to 80 Hz. Also offers angle of vision wider than its predecessor.

And Oculus to Lenovo helped her in the design of the new helmet, which is becoming more comfortable and balanced, in addition to other improvements in all aspects.

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