Oculus gearing up to announce system of the Oculus Quest and other technologies at the conference GDC

Launched Oculus ads trailer new conference hall during the events of the GDC, where he is scheduled to be officially unveiled for the cleanliness of the Oculus Quest, among other announcements of the company during the event.

Indicated several leaks during the financial period to the plans for Oculus to reveal its new version of the glasses virtual reality Oculus Quest, where it is expected to be announced during conference games associated with the GDC.

It is estimated that the company offers to the developers of the Games feature a preview of the new version of the system of virtual reality during the event, the company also offers a demo shed light on the distinctive system of the Oculus Quest.

As projections indicate that Oculus will have more announcements about some new devices and technologies during the conference, with expectations to be one of the announcements about the new version of the Rift S VR, comes in the category of glasses available, which also comes with a intolerance from the inside out by trying the Oculus Quest.

Also expected to be disclosed gaming device does not need to install sensors outside, also supports gaming computers possible, where the company Oculus array of games to be trialled by the developers during the conference.


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