Oculus announces a system of Rift S new design at GDC 2019

The latest version of the system of virtual reality, revealed through the Oculus at GDC 2019, where applicable system of Rift S new design with the advantage of internal New.

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Come glasses Oculus new Rift S influx of users working on computers, with the platform Rift, where gives users access to the best-selling games and the most famous of which comes from titles like the Asgard’s Wrath, the وDefector, along with Stormland.

Featuring a system of Rift S accurately display 1280 at 1440 pixels on each side of the system, or the total display resolution 2560 at 1440 pixels in the two together, also come the LCD screen perform and clearly higher with the higher percentage in the intensity of the display to support user experience featured games.

The design of this version in conjunction with Lenovo Legion gaming community, where he contributed to the comments of the users made adjustments and improvements in the design system of virtual reality, to provide a more comfortable experience with the lighter weight in the design of the system, and improvements in adjust the lighting, along with a simplified design without any complexity with a single cable to communicate.

Also come system of Rift S with audio CDs try previous versions of the Oculus Quest, and the Oculus Go, along with a special socket the headphones, to give the user the freedom to choose the clear favorite.

Tracking technology the interior is also one of the most important offering of the Oculus in the system of the Rift S, where the used algorithm for computing special function to estimate distances, and wipe the surrounding of the user in real time, also supports the work of this technical 5 of sensors that achieve the tracking feature efficiently.

From another side comes the console Oculus Touch with a new design also support the same tracking technology that came in the glasses, which supports the user better interact in the virtual reality, the Oculus Rift S priced at $ 399 in the spring of 2019.


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