OCTA-core processor Intel Core i9-9900K will work at frequencies up to 5 GHz

A few weeks ago I wrote about the parameters of Intel Core 9000, which belong to the family of Coffee Lake and Refresh of current models differ only slightly higher frequencies.

However, in this range will do a new model — OCTA core. And here today it became known about their characteristics. Here’s their settings.

As you can see, OCTA core models will be only two. And Core i7-9700K will be devoid of support Hyper-Threading! Frequency, of course, very impressive. 5GHz Core i9-9900K is cool. Although it is worth remembering that the maximum frequency of Intel processors is the frequency achievable only in certain cases, when the load falls on one or two cores.

One of the sources suggests that the Core i5-9600K will cost about $ 250, Core i7-9700K — about $ 350, and Core i9-9900K — about $ 450. For comparison, now the recommended price six-core Core i7-8700K is 360-370 dollars.

As you are such processors? Whether Core i9-9900K their money?

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