OBSBOT Tail.. smart camera learn your movement to your standards without human intervention

Is “most teal” OBSBOT Tail camera video of the first of its kind in the world that used artificial intelligence techniques AI in motion tracking, so you capture the most exciting moments without any human intervention, thanks to its innovative design and the algorithm of its advanced.

Now you can use the camera “most teal” track your movement and record your moments in video 4K/60fps, no matter how complex your traffic or the bustle of the environment is expected, as a photographer your not playing it just to follow you with his lens.

Used camera “most teal” smart-chip central processor type HiSilicon Hi3559A, and its movement in all directions smoothly, to meet the conditions of freedom in the area of 40 meters around, it is thanks to her intelligence artificial deal efficiently with the low lighting and the noise and the crowds.

Besides, it can activate the mode signals through the smartphone app camera, to provide camera diversification between 20 exciting movement for change, such as the zoom and the horizontal movement and oblique rotation, on its own, along with the possibilities of photography, broadcasting, Direct video Streaming.

Camera “most teal” 12-megapixel, and the quality of capture of video UHD 4K/60 Fps, zoom 3.5 X, camera sensor Sony CMOS sensor, with 10 optical lenses.

Successfully campaign financing “most teal” OBSBOT Tail in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter Kickstarter, and is scheduled to hit the camera into supporting her by next April, the starting price of 490 US dollars (about 8,800 pounds).

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