OBO will hole camera selfie in the system interface

An attempt to increase the area of the screen is usable, moving company phones to replace notes corporate flukes in 2019, as trying to take advantage of the presence of the camera hole as much as possible.

While the Galaxy A8s option-drag from the camera selfie to launch the camera application, the OBO has another approach, as requested by the patent organization World Intellectual Property Organization.

According to the patent, the work of the oppo on the interface relating to the application icons at the top of the screen; shows one of the images the front camera as part of the icon of the camera application, so that clicking on the camera app, either drag them to the right closes the app.

In another scenario, there is a set of application icons at the top including the camera app that hides the camera hole, and in this case, you can launch any application by clicking on its icon, and the drag of the camera brings a range of other apps without the application of the camera.

It is rumored that OPPO will launch the phones F19 and F19 Pro hair flat at the Mobile World Congress end of February.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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