OBO review the phone by the midwife to commend

Company is working for Oppo Chinese version of a smart phone and a foldaway bed, and maybe the hype recently about the Huawei phones and Samsung stimulated the Chinese police parade a photo for her next in the upcoming period.

– Official: Huawei announce the phone by the midwife to bending Mate X
– Samsung unveils Galaxy Fold removable bending
– Comparison of my phone Huawei and Samsung opt to bending

Publication the vice president of the company Oppo in the position of social media Chinese Weibo pictures give us a look at the design of the phone the midwife bend, in when he said that the company has no plans yet to launch the phone unless they see a huge demand, but the pictures show that the phone is leaning towards the design of the Huawei more of the design of the Samsung.

This means that there is a screen Olid large, and when you bend it the user gets on the screen of both front and rear rather than fold to the inside, in addition to the presence of a thick strip on one side contains cameras and other components.

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