OBO review technique to connect to it any type of networks up to 3 miles

أوبو تستعرض تقنية للاتصال بلا أي نوع من الشبكات حتى 3 كيلومترOBO review technique to connect to it any type of networks up to 3 miles

The mesh or the hair or the Mesh Network is not a new thing, and users in the proper environment and the possibility of communication between each other without having to provide any type of traditional networks such as mobile or internet or WiFi or Bluetooth.

Reviewed company OBO its efforts in this area through technology to connect to The called MeshTalk which covers an area stretching up to 3 kilometers can be any two people, including contact with each other without the need for traditional businesses.

Work MeshTalk in a decentralized manner they are not needed for broadcast reception, as they work between the party direct contact, and can cover a wider area if there are more phones participate within the same place.

The mechanism of the work of the network through the creation of phones, the Oppo ad hoc network especially among them to be able to communicate with each other directly without the need for a centralized, nor does it affect the phone battery significantly increases its consumption, the company plans to allow the user to rely on in case of emergency and work phone on standby mode for 72 hours.

As we mentioned this type of network communication uses, such as, crowded areas persons like an angel or galleries needs galleries, or disaster areas when the movement in which communication networks, traditional can to pass every phone call with other phones within the same region.

Currently Oppo has reviewed the technical did not reveal if it will be available in the phones existing in the market or just phones coming in the future, as we don’t know the date officially launched.

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