OBO opens regional headquarters in Dubai to expand its presence in the Middle East

أوبو تفتتح مقرًا إقليميًا في دبي لتوسيع حضورها في الشرق الأوسط

Opened the company Oppo is one of the largest smartphone companies in the world new headquarters in Dubai UAE the expansion of this patch its work in the region, and this comes within the strategy set by the company to strengthen its presence in the Middle East, especially the Gulf states through 2019.

The opening of the new headquarters of the Oppo after the work of the police to enter the phone market more broadly in the region, as announced earlier this month announced the launch of its phone R17 in series by the medium to high specifications.

The company said in its statement: “it will be the new base for all sales and operations of distribution and marketing in the Middle East to buy the Oppo, and the starting point towards strengthening its partnerships with other actors in the public and private sectors. Will be provided also on the efforts of the persistent tension in the Middle East, where the company is currently evaluating the potential of entering new markets like Saudi Arabia, 2019.”

Think Oppo is more companies selling phones around the world, where the company says that there are 200 million customers around the world are using smart phones, which makes it among the top 5 companies phones in the world. This rise in demand contributed to the expansion of the company to include 30 countries and regions around the world including the Middle East and its products in more than 400 thousand point of sale.

The company had started its work in the region through the introduction of some products in 2015, and then the opening of office in 2016 in Egypt, however, the great demand for its phones and smart phones in general in the Gulf region contributed by the company to expand its work with the new headquarters.

Commented Andy Xiao, president of the company Oppo in the Middle East and Africa: “the Oppo is a top priority of the spirit of youth in their products, and to launch products that combine advanced technologies and distinctive designs to provide customers a wonderful experience to enrich their digital lives. Improve the Arabian Gulf region specifically promising market, most of them young people eager to communicate and interact via smart phones and keen acquisition of the latest technology “.

The company had announced earlier to raise its international investments to 1.43 billion by 2019, an increase of 150% from the previous year. The company seeks through its investments to work on the techniques of the fifth generation artificial intelligence.

It is worth noting that large companies face on the opening of the headquarters of the major challenges in the Gulf states comes after figures achieved by the region for the sales of phones, while declining worldwide sales, and increased sales of phones in the Gulf states, making it a hotspot for businesses.

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