OBO learn about the interface of ColorOS 6.0 with the features of machine learning, and artificial intelligence!

The company revealed the Oppo Chinese officially unveiled the sixth generation of the interface of its smart phones ColorOS 6.0, during a special event in the city of Shenzhen to commemorate the fifth anniversary of ColorOS, reported Oppo to interface ColorOS installed on over 250 million devices in more than 140 countries and regions around the world.

Think of the new operating system on the light colors, which mixes mainly between the white background tonal gradations light, the company says that the choice of white color is designed to create an atmosphere of comfort and renewal.

It said Abu that is designed to interface ColorOS 6.0 new in the first place for phones with big screens and ledges small, but it will be available for some older phones, too.

A large part of the appearance of the operating system ColorOS 6.0 interface is a new global name – Oppo Sans – developed by Oppo in collaboration with the airlines well-known Chinese Hanyi, and it will contain the interface to the machine learning techniques which you’ll find many apps in the background Dublin from closed, will the techniques of artificial intelligence analysis of application activity for two weeks to spy on your habits and preferences when using the phone.

Finally, signals an Oppo version 6.0 of the system of ColorOS in the year 2019, they did not yet know about the changes the full operating system, or identifies the devices that will get it first.

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