OBO is focused on artificial intelligence and networks 5G in 2019

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أوبو تستثمر 1.43 مليار دولار في الأبحاث والتطوير خلال 2019

The company revealed the Oppo for Oppo Chinese leader in the manufacture of mobile phones and smart devices that they will inject more investment in research and development during the year 2019, said Tony Chi Tony Chen, founder and CEO of the Oppo through the venue of the exhibition OBO for 2018, which was hosted by the city of Shenzhen, finally, that his company will increase spending on research and development to about $ 1.43 billion through next year, an annual increase of 150 percent.

At the same time, that OPPO will continue to increase investment in this area on an annual basis, with the capital increase of R & D, the OBO integrate the supply chain and take advantage of their expertise in order to strengthen their technical capacity and, in addition, you will benefit of the OPPO of the issue of artificial intelligence with the aim of developing a range of smart devices, including smart watches and smart home, to explore and to meet the growing requirements of consumers in the era of the Internet of Things IoT.

The need to build a network of fifth generation

As a company primarily concerned with technology, the Oppo is constantly focused on the development prospects of future technical, such as the networks of the fifth generation 5G, stressed Tony Chen, “the technique of the fifth generation is the direction you should follow. OBO. In addition to its quest to become the first factory called smart phones matched with the network of the fifth generation, each of the Oppo to sort applications in the 5G era+ will ultimately determines the value of the network of the fifth generation”.

He continued, “will operate the Oppo to integrate the network of the fifth generation in full with Application Insights users and continue to innovate in order to provide them with the best experiences of the revolutionary and necessary and adequate liquidity”.

The Shape of the OBO team early in the year 2015 the task of his work on the fifth generation, where he began conducting research and development immediately after the appearance of the standards that network, and hastened the Oppo, when it was freezing work standards of the network of the fifth generation in December 2017, to the development of products compatible with this new generation taking the lead in enabling interoperability for signals and data of this network in August of 2018 prior to the issuance of the first smart phone with the network of the fifth generation in the month of October last.

The advantages of artificial intelligence available in the era network of the fifth generation

IPad the Oppo to the adoption of techniques of artificial intelligence across a wide range of applications including photography and face recognition identifying fingerprints with the submission of many innovative features including a camera supported by smart artificial lighting, three-dimensional, in addition to the scenarios of smartphones.

Said Tony Chi in this regard: “the advantages resulting from the stealth artificial intelligence in the era of the network of the fifth generation will turn out already. For two, the development of artificial intelligence requires proficiency and knowledge, we are UK all the possibilities in this area”.

He added, “by employing artificial intelligence to learn the habits of users continuously, it becomes possible for phones Oppo smart to provide better services and experiences of more privacy proactively”.

Noted Tony Chi to “the smart phones will become in the future serve as intelligent personal assistant, this is going to be able to the Oppo to make it possible,” he added, “the smartphone is one among the best means artificial intelligence, but there’s still room for development. Will follow the OBO artificial intelligence effectively, in a time-honored focus on resources and applications.”

The integration of technology, art and humanity in smart devices and homes

Stressed Tony Chi at the conclusion that the Oppo is committed to become a leader in an era through its adoption of the network of the fifth generation artificial intelligence and the Internet of things on a large scale, he continued, “We should dare to explore, and we dare to achieve achievements, and create innovation. In the future, will operate the Oppo to merge technical innovations with art and humanity in full, and intelligent hardware and smart phones and smart at its core, in addition to the fundamental task of continuing to meet the aspirations of the people for a better life”.

Attaches OBO great importance to the issue of research and development in the areas of advanced technology, it is designed to possess a leading position in the future to set out on deep insights, and has seen the figure of the Oppo technology, which was held for two days, as a platform to collect the concerned parties internal to exchange ideas and technical expertise, and 4 working sessions the president addressed the artificial intelligence AI Big Data Cloud the Internet of things and the network of the fifth generation.

As this event 12 display area included more than 80 innovative projects, since in addition to showing the Oppo the existing capacity in the areas of research, development and technology roadmap, the future, the show at its session this year, may form an important opportunity to facilitate dialogue between experts belonging to a wide range of industries, opening the door effectively to enhance opportunities for the development of future technology.

The gate Arab News Technical OBO focused on artificial intelligence and networks 5G in 2019

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