OBO intends to offer the phone for Oppo F9 design looks like a phone Essential

The company announced the oppo on 20 June last from her smart phone Find X, which is the second phone in the market; after the phone Vivo NEX, vivo, with the screen fills up with reality, but bump, now using the Chinese company to work with another phone but my daughter.

But before talking about the new phone, let us recall that the phones series F of the oppo enjoy that it provides a front camera with high accuracy, it has launched the phone for Oppo F5 with the front camera with 20 megapixels, and then launched the phone for Oppo F7 with front camera with 25 megapixels.

Now published OBO image trailer for its associated Oppo F9, appeared in the waterfall of water with a little cut at the top, in a manner similar to the screen of the phone Essential PH-1, indicating that the phone will design differs from the design of the phone first and last to buy Essentials, which was founded by the co-founder of Android Andy Rubin.

It is believed that the representation of the firm OBO the phone a waterfall of water, means that the phone will resist the water and dust in accordance with the standard IP67. Also included a picture of the phrase “the new vision” The breaking new vision, and at the bottom the words “F9 coming” F9 is coming.

What Are you waiting for a company oppo phone Oppo F9’s? Let me know in the comments.

The oppo intends to offer the phone for Oppo F9 design like Telephone Essentials are published first in are.

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