Oak OS.. can you imagine my Huawei on Android and iOS is?

She claimed many of the reports about the plans of Huawei to flush system Oak own OS soon, came the latest reports from the Global Times of China, which said that this system may appear for the first time in the second quarter of 1919, it is reported that Huawei has begun work on its statute in 2012, but the company was reluctant to issue, because the customers are accustomed to Android and ios, only to put a company on the list of entities prohibited with the work inside the United States prompted the company to accelerate in its new system.

The date of introduction of Oak OS

هواوي بصدد طرح نظام Oak OS البديل لـ Android و ios ردًا على حظرهاHuawei are introducing a system of Oak OS alternative to Android and ios in response to being banned

He told The Global Times he is likely to unlock Huawei on its platform system “HongWeng OS” in China and “Oak OS” in the rest of the world it is the same system but different expressions, the report alleged that Huawei may offer the product early in the month of August or September and that the company has already made several requests to the Office of the European Union Intellectual Property Organization (EUIPO) of the trademarks to the operating system and other software attached to it.

Other reports claimed that the system Oak new OS from Huawei, at least the ad hoc system for the company, may start for the first time even before this autumn, though telling the police repeatedly that she doesn’t want to shift from systems running current, it was stated the site TechRadar on May 28, to platform Huawei may appear for the first time in June, according to mark Shimi, managing director and vice chairman of the board of management of a group Enterprise, Reported that Huawei itself told CNBC that they can offer the new operating system in China by the end of 2019, and then available to the rest of the world by the first half of 2020.

It may be the contrast between these reports are the result of a misunderstanding internally about the company’s plans, may also be part of the attempts Huawei pressure on the U.S. government to cut its access to the region the US would be a mistake, according to what is stated on what seems to be attempts been echoed within the United States, where he informed Google officially the U.S. government that allowing Huawei to provide its own operating system may pose a risk to national security.

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The question is will Huawei system Oak OS this month or in August or sometime in 2020?, the We don’t know, it is also possible to say Huawei’s simply that the hopes of the United States and China in resolving their differences so you can continue to use Android and ios, but these leaks shows that the company or at least a good number of workers, really want the rest of the world to know that she is ready to drop the product American if that ban will continue and affects her successful career.

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