Nvidia uses artificial intelligence in the creation of graphics for video games

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It was published by Nvidia today new research shows how to enable thanks to the artificial intelligence of the creation of virtual city trying to pictures of the real city, to add to the revolutionary techniques created by artificial intelligence.

She said the company is specialized in the field of gaming gear the new technology will allow some day using the graphics system hybrid in the video games, along with movies and virtual reality.

The vice president said the Department of machine learning, deep has Nvidia, Bryan Catanzaro: “this is a new way to create video content using deep learning”. He added: “It is clear that Nvidia care much create the graphics and we think about the ability of artificial intelligence to revolutionize in this area”.

Published the American company a presentation of the video game based on graphics created using techniques of artificial intelligence, it was the first of its kind. It is just a car going in the streets of the city, but without the ability to get off the car and interact with the world.

It should be noted that Catanzaro stressed that this technique is still in the initial stage, and may need years to reach a level that can be seen in the video games available to consumers.

It is also hoped that it will be possible to use this technique in the areas of research, including robots and self-driving cars, where it can be used to generate environments training.

The gate Arab News technique Nvidia uses artificial intelligence in the creation of graphics for video games

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