Nvidia unveils the new generation of devices and Nvidia Shield

The company launched the Nvidia recently my computer control Shield TV, which became available for purchase, so that there are a number of features that worth the upgrade, including better speed by 25% compared to the previous generation thanks to the processor NVIDIA Tegra X1+ and more.

Control devices new works with all TVs SHIELD, so you don’t need to upgrade your TV, and you can instead upgrade remote controls improved that launched them to the company the names of Shield TV Shield TV Pro.

Comes remote Shield TV Radio 2 it and memory storage 8 is with support for Micro SD, while the remote Shield TV Pro Radio 3 is and memory storage 16 is with the USB-C port, and supports devices Ethernet port.

What’s new in remotes new? You have all the buttons now (volume control, Rapid Assessment / back / pause / playback, power, menu, etc.), including a programmable button. There is a button to sex in addition to surround sound and HDR.7.

Control devices available at a price of 150$ and 200$ respectively, and you can purchase now from the Amazon store.

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