Nvidia officially support Freesync with update Geforce next


For those who don’t know what is the technology Freesync, which is used by AMD or the technology G-Sync, which is used by Nvidia, we’ll explain two techniques in a simple.

This technique came very simply to overcome a technical problem in video games Know bit torn screen or screen tearing, this problem is located when you notice what looks like horizontal lines that appear in the center of the screen where it says these lines distorting the picture for a moment were dashed. This means that the frame rate of the game is not in sync with the speed of the update frames in the display screen, resulting in an overlap between two frames at one time, shows this effect.

Nvidia and AMD provided a solution to this problem, Nvidia with the technology of G-Sync exclusive to him and with which you synchronize your frame rate by using the chip in the screen itself, whereas AMD has pursued a standard technology for open VESA Adaptive Sync. This technique utilizes the capacity of the graphics card on the synchronization between the frame rate and screen update speed by the support of Display Port (Display Port).

Nvidia confirmed that it starts a test ( G-Sync certification test) to measure the efficiency of the screens that support the technology Freesync compared with its own technology G-Sync. The company has tested more than 400 screens and only 12 screen succeeded in bypassing the test.

Nvidia will support Freesync by updating Geforce coming in January 15 the existing.

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