Nvidia is developing a program of artificial intelligence converts the graphics led to one real

نفيديا تطور برنامج ذكاء اصطناعي يحول الرسومات الصماء لواقع حقيقي

The techniques of machine learning and artificial intelligence is experiencing the busiest in the how mechanism to use in a lot of areas; so it is not a strange ampersands company Nvidia for in-line production of realistic images is out of the drawings valve or what can be considered drafts of the initial to show the final form as a natural product has been captured through professional camera through its program to generate images based on artificial intelligence techniques “GauGAN“.

The program provides the user a tool or painting brush that is whereby an outline or preliminary drawings and similar are great for those that have long been produced by the paint program on Windows; whether a tree or hill or valley or other natural appearances, which upon completion of the time not accurate, you can choose to fill the scene by the landscape according to the characteristics listed under the environment and other natural ingredients which the user wishes to show the final product as the video demonstrates the following:

Depends Nvidia software on Million photo-realistic compatible with the mattress match the drawing provided by the user to generate natural terrain, while maintaining accurate details such as those resulting from the drawing of a tree next to the lake water to another program to generate a reflection of the tree on the face of the water in accordance with other characteristics.

And remember Nvidia any details about the conversion program for a product everyone can buy it, but stressed at the same time that this tool will help engineers, architects and surveyors in photographing natural spaces as well as support the efforts of the developers of the games in creating play environments different in the future.

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