Nubia Red Magic 3 will screen at the rate of update reaches 90Hz, and a real fan to cool the processor SD855


Phone games Nubia Red Magic 3 coming from the sub-brand Nubia of ZTE will screen at the rate of update reaches 90Hz. It was this Chinese brand had earlier reported that the phone screen Nubia Red Magic 3 would have the rate of update is higher than most of the computers games available in the market today, this is true technically, they are still most people have screens enjoy rate update reaches 60Hz.

Moreover, it has now confirmed it that the phone Nubia Red Magic 3 will get the system better cooling thanks to the cooling fan that will be included inside the phone. And the famous warrior Roland Quandt that you can hear it when operating to cool the processor Snapdragon 855. We can’t wait to see how the impact on performance.

In the past, we have seen tests of the phone Asus ROG Phone which comes with an accessory adds the cooling fan to the phone, which is the supplement, which definitely helped to make the frame rate stable during long play sessions. In any case, it is expected that the phone is unveiled Nubia Red Magic 3 in day 28 of April, and should be available worldwide in the month of May next.


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