Nubia Red Magic 2.. clash phones Games contains

Nubia Red Magic 2.. صراع هواتف الألعاب يحتدم

After the launch of the phones Black Shark Helo from Shawty وRazer Phone 2 of the Razer وMate 20X of Huawei during this month it seems that we have more phones directed at the players during the next period, and one of them is the phone Red Magic 2 that comes from the relationship of Nubia branching of ZTE Corporation.

According to a suspense company for your new phone via Weibo, it is clear that the phone would be about. on October 31 where he comes chip Snapdragon 845 in the footsteps of Black Shark Helo will come with 10 GB of RAM where we don’t know whether the phone will come with various modifications blooded random less or not.

Among the gifts that support its upcoming smartphone is cooling water, three-dimensional sound, which means the headphones in more than one direction and allow his company 4D Gaming which I didn’t see a specific explanation from the police why is she but can we simply believe it’s a feature specific to vibration such as those provided by the phone Honor Play as the AI 4D Smart Shock.

The good news is that the phone product this month is not expected to come at a great price, as indicated earlier rumors that the phone will come at a price of 510 $ which is the price does not seem large when compared to the phones of other big.

World phones games witnessed a very fierce competition where that Shawnee decided to go intensely to the phone in the same year, namely Black Shark and Black Shark Helo with significant improvements in telephone Black Shark Helo new Who Owns the OLED display lights RGB in aspects of The appeared body it is possible to try to borrow an important feature of the phone the new Phone from Asus.

As for the Huawei seems to be interest in phones Games is not less than Shawty where released during the summer phone Honor Play which offers her partner the closest by Kirin 980 partner Kirin 970 is priced at less than $ 300 with a number of big phones to Huawei provided its branching Honor new conflict we didn’t see before participating Pocophone F1 which offers a slice Snapdragon 845 is better for games on phones is currently priced at only $ 300.

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